TruVeg Int'l Vegan Cuisine: Menu/About Us

TruVeg International Vegan Cuisine
Located inside the Eugene Family YMCA
2055 Patterson Street, Eugene, OR 97405
Call or Text your order: 541-863-9706
Curb-Side Service Available.

Menu (updated February 2014)

BOWLS:  (Two Sizes: Small and Large)

R.B.G.- brown rice, seasoned black beans and steamed kale smothered with our creamy garlic cashew cream sauce.  Our version of comfort food!  $5.50/$7.50

SINGAPORE NOODLES- mung bean noodles with sauteed onion, carrot, mushrooms, spinach and spring onion seasoned with our special curry spice blend.  $5.75/$7.75

NACHO BOWL- brown rice, seasoned pink beans and mixed greens with fresh salsa, avocado, olives, our smoky chipotle and garlic cashew sauces; served with corn chips.  $5.95/$7.95

CURRY BOWL- onion, carrot, potatoes, cauliflower, broccoli and peas simmered in a Thai yellow curry and coconut milk; served over brown Basmati rice.  $6.50/$8.50

BI BIM BAP- sauteed carrot, onion, mushroom, spinach, and spring onion; served over brown rice with our own spicy kochujung sauce.  $8.50 One Size.


HOT SOUP from Scratch:   Small (12 oz.)  $3.50     Large (16 oz.) $4.50


LIVE TACOS- Romaine leaves filled with taco-flavored carrot walnut pate then topped with fresh salsa, avocado, olives, and smoky chipotle sauce; served with Sesame Kale Salad.  $8.50

LIVE BURGER- dehydrated at 105 degrees, our patty is made with carrot, veggies, flax, and sunflower seeds served on a lettuce leaf with tomato, cucumber, avocado, basil pesto "mayo" and sundried tomato "ketchup"; with Sesame Kale Salad on the side.  $9.00

LIVE PIZZA- sprouted buckwheat, flax and carrot pizza crust is dehydrated at 105 degrees then topped with a thick, rich nut cream, sundried tomato marinara, fresh veggies and basil pesto cream sauce.  Served with Sesame Kale Salad on the side.  $10.00

$3.00 Gingerade-fresh ginger infused with blackberries, lemons and sweetened with cane sugar. All Organic!
$2.00 Virgil's Ass't Sodas
$3.00 Taste Nirvana Coconut Water or Coconut/Aloe Water
$2.00 Neo Alkalinized Pure Bottled Water

JUICES: All Organic! 12 oz.
$4.00 Bunny Love: Carrots and an apple. 
$5.00 Lemon-Apple-Aid: apples with lemon. 
$6.00 Sweet Green Detox: carrots,  apple, celery, kale, parsley. 

SMOOTHIES: All Organic!  16 oz.

$5.00 Strawberry: strawberries, banana, apple juice, coconut sugar.
$5.00 Triple Berry: blackberries, raspberries, blueberries, banana, apple juice, coconut sugar.
$5.00 Blueberry: blueberries, banana, apple juice, coconut sugar.
$6.00 Pina Colada: pineapple, banana, coconut milk, coconut sugar.

Power-Up Your Smoothie!
$2.00 15g organic hemp protein
$2.00 2 Tbsp. of omega-rich flax oil
$1.50 make it GREEN with kale or spinach


$2.50 Curly Fries- made with organic potatoes.
$2.50 Cajun Curly Fries- seasoned with Cajun seasoning.
$3.25 Cheezy Curly Fries- curly fries topped with our cheezy cashew sauce.
$4.00 Nachos- organic corn tortilla chips, seasoned beans, cheezy sauce, fresh tomato salsa, olives and green onions.
$4.50 Veggie Sushi Roll- seasoned white rice with cucumber, carrots, and avocado.
$2.75 Coconut Tapioca-made with pure, organic coconut milk, almond milk and organic sugar.
$5.00 Cheezecake- RAW!- made with cashews and coconut oil and sweetened with agave.
$5.75 Cheezy Kale Chips- RAW!

Check out the deli case for assorted pre-packed live and cooked foods, desserts, baked goods, and more! Items priced as marked.


Welcome to TruVeg
About our Food...

We prepare natural and wholesome food without chemicals, additives, preservatives or other junk. Food the way it's supposed to be. Why? Because we care about our health and yours.

All of the foods on our menu are 100% plant-based and cruelty-free, free from many of the 8 most common allergens including gluten. We also serve live, raw plant meals & desserts that you will enjoy and benefit from for your health.

All ingredients & products used in our food preparation are carefully selected for high quality and purity. We use pure olive, grapeseed, sesame, and coconut oils, and unrefined sweeteners such as agave and raw cane sugar, as an example.

It is our moral imperative to use certified organic, locally grown or made, and eco-farmed produce and products as much as is available and affordable. Most times, if not available or affordable then you won't see it on the menu.

We take our stand against GMO's (genetically modified so-called "foods") by voting with our dollars and purchasing from reputable sources.

Even our take-out food containers reflect our philosphy. Compostable, biodegradable packaging results in a more sustainable way to do business.

Although we do all this (because we are people who care about you and your health, the animals, and our environment), we still try to keep prices as low as possible so that you can enjoy satisfying, creatively tasty plant-based meals that reflect our island roots of diversity.

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