Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Update: More Cookbooks...03-24-10

We will be releasing two new cookbooks in The Maui Vegetarian line soon. You can expect to see them by the beginning of May 2010. We are also setting up a schedule to present cooking demonstrations, classes, and health lectures. If you are interested in our presentations featuring vegetarian recipes from our cookbooks, raw food preparation, information on health and healing, or your suggestions, please contact us through our web site at We hope many will be blessed by our books and presentations. Mahalo!

The Maui Vegetarian-Hana Hou- Brian's second book featuring more of his fantastic recipes. In Hawaii, the phrase "hana hou" is the equivalent of "encore" here in the States. And so he once again brings an array of deliciously creative dishes from diverse ethnicities to the table from appetizers like his Glazed Onion Stuffed with Curried Vegetables, to entrees such as the Rice Noodle Cake with Thai Sweet Sour Sauce, and all the way to desserts like his Banana Bread Napoleon and much more in between. Full of colorful photographs, Hana Hou will continue to inspire masterful culinary creations in your kitchen. $18.95

Easy Gourmet for Gluten-Free Vegans- Crystal's cookbook addresses the growing need for satisfying fare when gluten must be excluded from the vegan diet. She brings a collection of deliciously simple every-day recipes that can make every meal a gourmet meal as well as information on gluten-intolerance and Celiac disease. A gluten-free vegan herself, she brings her Asian/American and multi-cultural influence into the recipes presented, featuring lots of colorful photographs. $14.95