Thursday, November 6, 2008

Apologies and Today's Specials

Everybody's wondering what happened to us last week. That's partly why I created this blog, is so that you can be up-to-date informed.
It happened like this... Several months ago, before starting up the food trailer Brian had agreed to return to the Portland/Vancouver area to do a couple of cooking demonstrations. We drove up last Monday so that he could do the demo for the Beaverton SDA Church. There was a nice crowd who came out to see him make the Vegetable Paella with Garlic Cashew Sauce, and he also did a wonderful Butternut Squash soup. We had a couple of days in between to get some errands done and pick up some much needed supplies, then drove up to Vancouver, WA to do a demo for the NW Vegetarian Society. Again, he showed the group of about 25 people, to do the Vegetable Paella and Garlic Cashew Creme Sauce. As well as the popular Oriental Shumai, our most requested item on our menu. We are thankful to the crowd there for their patience, toward the end of the demo, oops! the fire alarm was set off from the cooking. We all had to go outside where Brian finished the cooking, the guests enjoyed the samples, and then the fire department came and turned off the alarm. Phew! We made it through!
And I have to say, we're so very appreciative of that awesome article that came out in the News Review (thank you Adam, for the great article! and Robin for the great pictures!) but were not prepared for success. We ran out of food a couple of times. (Sorry!) So, on Friday, all loaded up with more good vegan food and supplies, we headed home.
Our most sincere apologies for not being there. Now, we're back to work and before I tell you what the specials are, please make it a point to visit our good friend's website some time. Julie Hasson is an awesome vegetarian/vegan chef and she's got video demonstrations of her recipes plus many other chefs in realm of vegetarian/vegan cooking. Brian's got a couple of videos on there too. Best part is being able to see a dish being made, and you can print out the recipe too. Happy cooking!
Today's Specials:
Plate Special: Stuffed Green Bell Peppers with Penne Pasta and Green Salad $6.00
Soup Special: Black Bean Soup small $3.00 large $4.50

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