Thursday, March 12, 2009

News Flash- March 12 '09

We spoke to the city and we are definitely forbidden to work within the city limits of Roseburg due to the trailer not being licensed (it can only be utilized to do temporary events).-- Brian wants to pack it up and move to Oahu and go back to work for the Marriott -- where he will make more money and do less work--- Crystal loves it here and continues to tell Brian she's not moving no-where--- Brian is still trying to get the commercial hood/vent installed (the equipment the city told us we needed to get in order to work in the city, then told us we can't install it =@#$%^()_)?><), but its like trying to install a piece of da vinci or a picasso in a subway toilet.. so here we plug away each day trying to make it happen....
On the lighter side-- life could be a whole lot harder if we were in Africa-- Chef Brian
p.s. Looking at the possibility of obtaining a county permit and work outside city limits. Anyone have any suggestions as to where? Give a call. If no answer, press star when you hear the voicemail and leave your name and number, we'll call you back. Brian-808 264 5959 or Crystal 863-9706. Mahalo and Aloha!

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Anonymous said...

Good luck on the permit thing guys!! We hope you don't have to leave.

Sherry & Mario