Sunday, April 5, 2009

Stay Tuned...April 5 '09

Greetings!---- Thanks for staying tuned...

As most of you know, the drive down Stephens Street looks a little different without that white wagon that served the bestest, and gooderest, tasting vegan food. We still mourn the loss of that exciting adventure as do our customers who still call from time to time to see what's happening.
A few good things came out of that-- God always seems to have an ace for us that he's always holding, so we never worry, just learn to be patient--
An opportunity came up that we had to go for and see where it would take us. A lounge in Portland needed some good and healthful dumplings, I answered the ad and the result is that they will start serving them on their menu as soon as we can get it to them. We will begin making it available locally as well. For now we have three different types and will be expanding the selection in the future. The shumai dumplings will be frozen and ready to cook. All you do is steam or pan fry/steam. The sauce is included. Minimum order is a pack of 20 pieces for $10. Orders will be taken by email ( )and phone (808-264-5959 or 541-863-9706). At this time we will deliver your order until we are able to secure a location that will carry our products. This is great for all those who have enjoyed our dumplings so much and could never get enough. Please keep posted and have a happy day! Aloha, Chef Brian

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