Sunday, April 5, 2009

April 5 '09

We are currently offering three gourmet shumai flavors available by order only--- our shumai do not contain fillers (like cardboard) or other added junk like the ones you get from China-- We put the same care into our cooking as we did on the trailer (of course!), and always try our best to use all organic grains and vegetables when available. We do not use any soy fillers, just delicious spices, vegetables, herbs, and seasonings, and whole grains.
TSUNAMI- bulgur wheat, ginger, onion, napa cabbage, carrots, water chestnuts, green onion, clantro, garlic, sesame oil , soy sauce, and raw sugar.
SAUCE- a spicy ponzu citrus soy sauce. Soy sauce, lemon juice, and chili flakes.
SHAOLIN- millet, shitake and black mushrooms, bamboo shoots, onion, garlic, ginger, green onion, and water chestnuts.
SAUCE--red teriyaki-- similar to a sweet sour sauce.
MALAY-- creamed potato, garlic, saffron, macadamia nut, cashew milk, and olive oil.
SAUCE-- Thai-Indian type curry and coconut milk.

Filled Dumplings.

Keep frozen until ready to use.
From the freezer-requires 5 to 7 minutes of steaming time.

Dumplings in steam basket.

Oil the steamer a little to prevent the dumplings from sticking. Place them in the steamer not touching one another. This way you can just slide it out once its done.
Cover and steam for recommended cooking time.
In a small saucpan, warm up your sauce and set aside.

Dumplings ready to serve.

Place steamed dumplings in a dish, and pour your sauce over (or dip). Garnish with cilantro or chopped green onions and enjoy!

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